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The End????

Alright guys, you know how I love to torture everyone with my little cliffhangers. Let me explain :)

This is only the end to this adventure. Sidney and Karen are embarking on another one together and I needed to end one to start another. I have been writing on the sequel *name to be determined later* and when I get more working on it, I will be posting it probably as a new blog and put the link here so everyone can follow it. I am so happy that you all have enjoyed my writing and story about Sidney and hope you guys continue to follow the sequel.

And You Can't Have Them Both will be wrapping up as well first. That story was never going to keep going and I have the ending done, just need to fill it in to there.

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Chapter 184

When Sidney and Karen got upstairs, she looked and saw the mattress on the floor smiling.

"Is there a problem baby?"

"Um, no but nice rendition of sheets there" Karen said pointing to the towel on top of the mattress.

"It was all we had out. All the sheets and covers are boxed up."

"Well I didn't think we'd be staying here one more night."

"If the moving truck wasn't coming until the morning, where'd you think we were going to stay?"

"The new house but I guess I didn't realize we'd have no furniture to sleep on there either."

Sidney walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her "well it's not like we would have slept tonight anyway."

"Is that right? Did you have another plan in mind?"

"I always have another plan in mind when it comes to you. Shall I show you what I'm thinking?"

"Oh please do stud." They began kissing and stripping each other of their clothes until their hands roamed over every inch of their naked bodies. Sidney lifted Karen up she wrapped her legs around him, straddling his body. He found the mattress and sat down with her on his lap. They stayed locked together kissing until Karen moved her hand down and found Sidney's aching cock, rubbing over it and hearing a growl come from his throat. "You must like it when I touch you like this" she said breaking the kiss.

"I love it when you touch me, but you know what I love more?"

Karen shook her head "tell me."

Sidney manged to move them and lay her down on the mattress as he knelt on his knees on the floor "I love being inside you, being able to make you scream out my name. I love how perfect we are together." He kissed her before sitting up and bringing her closer to the edge of the mattress. Sidney took his cock and rubbed the tip of it over her swollen lips making Karen close her eyes at the feelings stirring inside her. After his bout of torture, Sidney slipped his cock inside her opening, feeling the slick coating cover him. When he was fully inside, Sidney stayed still for a few minutes lying back down on top of Karen kissing her. He broke the kiss and sat back up on his knees. Sidney put his hands under her thighs, holding them up but was able to spread them apart as wide as he could get them. As he started moving inside of her, Karen brought her hands up and grabbed her breasts, going being massaging and gripping them hard. Sidney loved watching her touch himself and it made him begin to pound harder into her. Karen could feel her orgasm building and didn't want this to end quite yet. She sat herself up, making Sidney put her legs down.


Sidney knew what she wanted and stopped, pulling out of her. Karen got up and changed positions by getting on her knees in front of him. Sidney moved her hair back and kissed her neck, moving his hands up her stomach towards her breasts. As he squeezed them, Karen moved her hands up and placed them over his. Karen moved her head to turn around and look at Sidney, letting their lips meet. When the kiss finished, Sidney nudged Karen down on her hands as he re-entered her from behind. Karen loved when Sidney grabbed her hips and forcefully pounded into her. She loved the control he had over her when he fucked her from behind. It was raw, uninhibited sex between them. Karen could feel her body was about to explode and made a move to sit up again. Sidney wrapped his arms around her waist as they moved together bringing out Karen's orgasm. As her body trembled, Sidney managed to slip out of her before he came himself. Karen settled down and Sidney moved from behind her and laid down on the mattress in front of her, getting a smile from her. Karen instinctively crawled on top of Sidney's body and straddled over his cock. She held it in place as she slid down on it, hearing a gasp from Sidney as she let one out as well. It was Karen's turn to sit still with him inside of her, but she made her walls contract and tighten over his cock. Sidney lightly moved his hands over her legs and pleaded with his eyes for her to move. She obliged and began to ride him slowly at first, then picked up the pace the longer she went. Karen leaned back to get the full effect of him hitting her sweet spot. As her second orgasm neared, she sat back up as her movements got bigger and faster, slamming down on him. Sidney felt like he was ready to explode as he reached for Karen's hands and laced his fingers with hers as they both came hard. Sidney sat up and wrapped his arms around her. They shared a long passionate kiss as Sidney brought them both back down on the mattress. Karen got off him, collapsing beside him as she tried to catch her breath.

"You know what I hope happens?" Sidney asked.

"That these walls don't talk to the new occupants."

"No" Sidney laughed "that we can keep this intensity up in the new house."

"I don't think it has anything to with the house stud. I believe it's just you and me."

Sidney turned on his side to look at Karen "are you sure you're ok with the move?"

"Isn't it kind of late to be asking that?"

"I guess it is" he said laughing.

"Sid, I'm not going to regret us moving. Stop asking me about it ok. If you keep thinking I'm going to hate you for making me move, then I forsee some problems for us down the road. I'm happy being married to you. I'm happy we're going to make a new start with our lives. I'm happy we're deciding to have a baby" Karen got up and looked at him "I'm happy."

Sidney lifted his hand and caressed her cheek "I just wanted to make sure. You say you're happy or things are fine, but I can tell when you hold things in."

"I guess that makes us pefect together because I can see you do that to when the game gets to you."

"Why do we find it hard to talk to each other about the simpliest things?"

Karen pushed Sidney down and cuddled up against him "because we're idiots."

Sidney laughed and pulled her closer to him "that I will definitely agree on" he said kissing her head before they both closed their eyes and fell asleep.

The alarm rang at 8:30a and Sidney groaned when he turned it off. It was a nice gesture that Dan and the other coaches agreed to let the guys get some rest after the party last night by telling them they didn't have to be in until 2p for their first meeting at the arena. Sidney was happy because he could be there for the movers and make sure everything got to the house in one piece.

After they got up, Sidney ran out to get some breakfast for them as Karen finished putting away any last minute things. When he got back, he saw Karen was on the phone and seemed a little upset. He waited for her to get off to find out what was going on and put breakfast on the kitchen counter until she was done.

"What's wrong?" he asked seeing her hang up.

"A little problem with the furniture delivery."

"What's the problem?"

"It seems when I went to order everything, I picked the same day as we were moving to get everything in the house at the same time."

"Right, makes sense."

"Well apparently, they wrote down the correct day" she said showing him the invoice "but broke up the shipments in the warehouse."

"So, when is everything coming?"

"Half today, half next week but the thing is, they can't tell me what is being delivered today."

"Huh, so we may get living room furniture and nothing else."

"Or kitchen and living room but no guest bedrooms."

"Well, we'll just see what we get and improvise from there. It's going to be ok baby."

"I know but it was suppose to be hassle free today" she said taking a bite of her food.

"Karen, moving is never hassle free."

"Yeah I guess you're right." They shared a kiss then finished eating their breakfast before the movers got there.

The movers got to the house right at 10a and they started getting all the boxes and furniture inside the truck. Karen laughed when Sidney began helping them but her smile faded when she saw the house getting emptier and emptier. Karen walked outside on the back porch and remembered all the times her and her parents had cookouts, birthday parties, and just gatherings of friends sitting around a makeshift fire telling stories. She smiled when she could actually see them all gathered around together. Karen went back inside and saw everything they were taking was out of the house. She walked upstairs to take one last look before going back downstairs and outside to get ready to leave.

Sidney was talking to the moving men and telling them where the new house was. After giving them directions he looked and saw Karen standing in the front yard looking at the house. He could see she was crying, or at least trying not to cry as she looked at the house. Sidney put the last small box in his car and walked over to her.

Karen stood looking at the house and every memory came flooding back as if it just happened yesterday. She looked at the porch where her dad raked all the leaves into a huge pile and let her and her friends jump into it over and over again. She could see the three of them building a snowman and his family after the first snow fall every winter. Karen remembered standing on the porch telling her parents goodbye before she left not realizing that was the last time she would see them. The tears couldn't stop themselves but Karen reached up to wipe away the fallen ones when she felt Sidney wrap his arms around her.

"You ok?" Karen just nodded her head yes "because we need to get going."

"I know" she whispered.

"Baby..." Sidney started turning her to him.

"Sid, could you maybe go with the movers and give me another minute? I'll be 5 minutes behind you."

Sidney was about to argue with her about not getting to overemotional but he saw it in her eyes that she needed to say goodbye to her paernts. "Ok, but call me when you start to head over so I know you're on your way."

"I will."

Sidney kissed her "I love you."

"I love you too and thanks." Sidney kissed her forehead before getting in his car and pulling out in front of the moving truck. She watched as they both left and she walked back up onto the porch and sat down on the top step.

"I hope you guys understand why I'm doing this. I love him so much and this just feels right to move into someplace neither of us have lived in before. I packed everything of yours and it will have it's rightful place in the new house so your memory will always live on for me, not like I could ever forget you guys. The new family moving in will take the best care of the house, I promise. I love you both and hope you like the new house as much as I do." Karen looked up to the sky and kissed her fingers before pointing them up towards the clouds. She wiped her eyes and got her keys getting into her car and leaving a past life for her new one.

The End


Chapter 183

A couple days later, Karen had the house completely packed of what they were taking. Sidney was at the arena to talk to some of the guys and meet the few new ones joining the team this year. It was also that Sidney was going to deliver season tickets again to one special lady. Alice predicted they would win the Cup and Sidney knew it would be special to give her the tickets himself again.

Sidney showed up at the house with a camera crew and surprised Alice, not only with her tickets but with the Cup as well. After talking for a minute then the getting interviewed the camera crew left and Sidney hung around for a little bit.

"It is so good to see you again Sidney."

"Thanks. How was your summer?"

"It was nice but glad the season will soon be here."

"Trust me, you are not the only one."

"I saw an interview that you said you were getting married this summer. Did you?"

"Yes I did" Sidney said as a huge smile appeared.

"Who is she, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Her name is Karen and she just stole my heart the day I met her. I knew to keep her, I had to marry her."

"Is she a good person?"

"She's the best. She used to play hockey with Team USA so it was a perfect fit."

Alice hugged him "well congratulations Sidney. I hope you guys are happy and everything works out for the both of you."

"Thanks and if we repeat like you said, I'll bring her by next year with your tickets."

"You don't have to wait until then, you feel free to stop by anytime."

"I just might. I hate to do this, but I need to get going."

"Well thank you for bringing my tickets and surprising me with the Stanley Cup. It was great seeing it and you."

"It was certainly my pleasure" he said hugging her again "see you later Alice."

"Bye Sidney and good luck this year."

"Thanks" he said before leaving the house and heading back to the arena.

A while later, Sidney got home and saw Karen was putting some small boxes and other stuff into her car.

"I really, really hope you aren't leaving me" Sidney said as he got out of the car.

"Sorry stud but I had a better offer" she said turning around to him after getting the box in the car.

"Is that right" Sidney said wrapping his arms around her "maybe I could change your mind to stay?"

"Nope, he bought me this huge house to start our new life together and promised a lot more stuff."

"Maybe you could keep me around as the hired hand?"

"Ooo, I think I like that."

"You are insane baby."

"Just the way you like me."

Sidney shook his head no "just the way I love you Karen."

"I love you too stud" she said leaning up to kiss him.

"So are you planning to take this stuff to the house now?"

"Yeah, its pretty much all the small boxes and all that's left is the furniture and bigger boxes for the moving truck."

"When is it coming?"

"Tomorrow at 10am."

"Baby, we have our first team meeting and everything tomorrow. Couldn't you call and tell them to come later in the day?"


"I wanted to be here when they came is all."

"You just don't want to leave me alone with about 5 or 6 hot moving men."

"Maybe" he said pouting.

"I'd rather be married to a hot hockey stud than a dirty, sweaty moving man."

"What's the difference?" he asked with a smile.

"Duh, the uniform stud." Sidney just laughed before kissing her again.

"How about I get some things loaded into my car and we'll both head over?"

"I would love it." Sidney grabbed his boxes from the house in Nova Scotia and a couple other things, putting them in his car. They headed out and Karen followed him to the new house. It took them an hour to bring all the boxes and stuff in from both cars, putting them in the rightful rooms.

When Sidney was walking through the house, he saw Karen standing in the living room and lost in thought.

"What's the matter baby?" he said coming up to her.

"Nothing" she said smiling "just trying to think of how I want the furniture arranged in here."

"Why not wait until it comes."

"Because I don't want the moving guys to keep moving all the furniture around until its where I like it."

"Where you like it?"

"Sid, do you honestly care where the furniture goes?"

"I might. Like the couch should face the fireplace."

"Then where would the TV go?"

"We buy a new flat screen and mount it on the wall above the fireplace."

"What if I already have plans for that wall space above the fireplace?"

"Oh. Well it is a big enough space, couldn't we share it?"

Karen thought about what she wanted to go there "we might be able to. I guess I could leave the TV at the house for Dan and his family."

"We could always put it in the bedroom."

"I don't think we'd ever watch it considering we are usually preoccupied by doing other things in there."

"That's one thing you're right about. A TV would be too distracting in the bedroom."

"I'm right about a lot more, you just choose to ignore those moments."

"Yeah I do" he said getting hit in the stomach.

"We better get going."

"We could but I think we need to do something first."

Karen saw the look in his eyes "are you serious?"

"We need to christen the house sometime."

"How about after we get all of our stuff here tomorrow?" Sidney looked around and shook his head. He took Karen's hand and led her into the kitchen. "Sid, we have no furniture to do this."

"We have built in furniture" he said holding her up against the island in the kitchen. Sidney leaned in and kissed her hard and full of passion before removing her shorts and underwear, picking her up and putting her on top of the counter.

"I think I'm a little high up for us to achieve something" she said after breaking their kiss.

"Not for what I want to do first." Sidney kissed her again then headed down her body, spreading her legs to give him full access to her. He pulled her closer to the edge and placed featherlight kisses on her thighs. When Karen felt Sidney blow cool air over her opening then licked her clit, she let go of him and leaned back on her hands. Moans began to fill the room from Karen's lips as the pleasure was overwhelming her. Sidney put one of her legs on his shoulder so he could get as close to her as possible. When Sidney felt Karen's hands go back into his hair, he knew she was close and ready to explode. He left her opening and went for his spot on her neck, replacing his mouth with his fingers. Karen wrapped her arm around Sidney's back as the sensations from his lips on her neck and his fingers gyrating inside her sent her over the edge hard. Feeling the tightness around his fingers, Sidney slowed them down and helped bring everything out of her. When her breathing slowed down, he brought his lips back to hers for a soft kiss.

"Mmm, I need to learn to not debate you about anything ever again."

"Yes you will and belive me, I love proving you wrong."

"If this is the consequence, I will always debate you on everything."

"I hope you're prepared for the next one." Karen saw Sidney step back and remove his shorts, revealing his hard, thick cock waiting for her. Sidney grabbed her around the waist and moved them up against the wall and slammed into her as he did. Karen wrapped her legs around his hips and let him go however he wanted. Since Karen was holding on with the power of her legs, Sidney let go of her and put his hands on the wall beside her helping him to get better leverage on her "oh God baby. You are always so tight for me."

"....Sid...." she stammered out between her whimpers "harder...please....please fuck me harder." Karen's pleads were turning Sidney on tremendously and obeyed everytime she asked for it. He kept coming all the way out then slamming back into her making her whimpers turn into mini screams. She gripped his back so hard, it felt like she was breaking the skin as she came hard. Sidney could feel her juices coat his cock making it slicker as he continued his assualt until he shot off inside her, slowing down to milk every last drop out of him. When Sidney was done filling her, their foreheads met letting their breathing slow down enough to speak.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me baby."

"I love it when you oblige me stud."

"We're doomed aren't we?" he said looking at her.

"I think we've been doomed since the day we started having sex."

"Well I think the kitchen can be taken off the list."

"So does that mean we're going to have an adventure in every other room before coming back in here?"

"Probably, but don't hold me to that. You know when I watch you make dinner that might just throw everything out the window."

"Well I might just have to keep you at bay until we've hit every room first."

"I think I might be able to handle that." Their lips met for another passionate kiss before Sidney pulled out of her and let her down gently, holding on to her until she could stand on her own. They got dressed and finished up a few things before heading back to the house.

Later that night, Sidney had invited the team and Karen had her friends all over for a goodbye party at the old house. Even the new Pens' players came over as well eventhough they had no clue what was going on. They were filled in and instantly became part of the Penguins' family off the ice. As everyone was standing around talking, Sidney got everyone into a circle.

"Thanks to all of our friends that came to join us tonight. This is a happy occasion for us to start our married life in our own home, but I will have to say it's also sad for all the memories my beautiful wife has endured here and is now leaving. It means the world to us that you guys are here for us as we are not only teammates or friends, but a family. I don't think I could have gotten to this point in my life without my brothers, especially when I almost screwed it up with this vibrant woman."

"Alright Crosby, you already got her, geesh" Max said only to get hit on the stomach from Natalie "what?"

"Well if you ever talked about me that way, you'd see how touching all this is."

"Touching, yes....sickening, yes. I'm with Max, get on with it Darryl" Jordan yelled from behind them.

"I think someone's going to be happy to have the Twister diaster a distant memory" Karen said to get some laughing.

"New house, new games my dear...remember that."

"Anyway, what Sid and I want you all to know is thank you for letting me in this tight knit family and I was very happy to become friends with everyone" Karen lifted her glass and everyone else did the same "here's to old memories that will definitely stay with us, but also to new ones that I am looking forward to making with all of you at the new house."

Everyone yelled "here, here" then took a drink.

"And to Coach Dan and his family, I hope you guys are as happy here as I was."

"I believe we just might be Karen and thank you for marrying this guy and having him buy you a house so I didn't have to 1. look for one or 2. stay another day in a hotel room." Everyone laughed then took another drink before breaking up and having some fun.

A while later, after games of drunk Twister and a few other drinking games that the guys were surprised to see all the women keep up, Karen drug her seven best friends to a more quiet area.

"Alright woman, what's up. I was winning at quarters and almost have Max on his ass" Sheril said.

"Yeah, that's good. Send his drunk ass home with me to deal with" Natalie rubuffed.

"Is Max not pleasant when he's drunk?" Stacy asked her.

"It's not that, he's pleasant but horny as all hell. I can barely keep him off me most of the time, add alcohol and I won't see the outside world for a couple days" she said as they all laughed.

"What's going on Karen?" Diane asked concerned.

"I just wanted to get us all together one last time. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have all of you to help me through everything this house had seen. We, ourselves, have had fights, laughs, drunken parties, and lots of sex in this house."

"Not as much as you and the Captain" Natalie added.

"No, of course not. But I could have done without Max's naked ass on my living room floor one time."

"Damn, where was I?" Sheril said pouting "oh yeah, at home with my husband."

"Thank you guys for everything through the years. When I needed love and support the most, I just had to look in another room of this house and find one of you."

"Well you made a lot of special things happen for us too Kiki" Liz started "we all will cherish our time here and look forward to helping with all the new memories too."

"I love you guys" she said as they all got together for a group hug "to an end of an era." They got closer and laughed as they almost fell over. The girls broke away and Karen walked into the kitchen. Sidney saw her leave the party and followed her outside.

"Baby? What's wrong?"

"I know the house is in good hands with Dan and his family iiving here, but I can't believe that after tonight, it's the last night I will be here."

"Dan said you can come by anytime."

"I know" she said wiping away tears "but it won't be the same."

"Baby, you have all your memories with you at the new house. We will unpack all the boxes and find a place for everything in the room for them. Nothing will get stowed away unless you don't want it out. The new house will have the feelings of this house."

"Except for one....the feeling of my parents" she said crying.

Sidney took her in his arms and held her as she cried "I know baby, I know."

"Don't get me wrong stud I am ready to start our new life together, but it just hurts."

"And it should Karen. You grew up here, your life is here, and you're going to feel like you're being ripped away from it. But think about all that's going to happen in the new house. Its a place where we can start our life, just like your parents did here. Its a place where we can raise our family, just like your parents did here."

"So to make our own memories, I need to let some of the old ones go?"

"But they'll still be here" he said pointing to her heart "and I know you'll never forget any of them."

"I love you so much Sid."

"I love you too Karen" he said leaning in for a sweet kiss. "Besides, I asked Dan and he's going to let us stay one last night tonight. Their moving truck won't be here until tomorrow so they are staying at the hotel for one last night."

"So we get one last night?"

"Yep and I am going to put the mattress on the floor in our bedroom for our last night. Sound good?"

"Sounds wonderful, thank you." Sidney leaned in for one more kiss before taking her hand and leading her inside to finish off the night with their friends.

At about 1:30a, pretty much everyone had stumbled out and went home leaving Sidney and Karen alone. Karen had started to clean up a little when Sidney walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I believe all this can wait until tomorrow" Sidney said bringing her up to kiss her.

"What else do we have to do?"

"Let's head upstairs and I'll show you."

Karen took what was in her hand and dropped it back on the floor "why are we standing here then, let's go."


Chapter 182

As they were driving, Karen put her head on Sidney's shoulder and closed her eyes. Sidney looked at her and smiled at how peaceful she was. He thought about their last few conversations and hoped Karen was feeling better about adopting a baby. Sidney couldn't stop the smile forming when he thought about Karen holding their baby, rocking it to sleep. Of course, he could see himself doing it with Karen beside him. Sidney saw a diner and realized he had been driving for three hours and he was getting hungry. He pulled the car into the parking lot and caressed Karen's cheek to wake her up.

"Hey baby, wake up so we can get something to eat."

"Where are we?"

"We just crossed the state line into New York. I'm thinking we may head down towards the Pennsylvania line and just drive across the state."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind if we stayed across New York then dipped down when we got closer."

"Well after we eat you're driving, so you can go which ever way you want baby." They both laughed and headed inside the quaint little diner.

"Can I ask you a question without you getting mad at me?"

"I never get mad at you when you ask me things" Karen just looked at him "ok, I guess it depends on what you ask. What's your question?"

"Are you going to be ok if you go all the way back to the finals this upcoming year and then lose?"

"Why would you ask me that before the season is even underway?"

"I'm just curious Sid. You went one year and you lost and I knew what that pain felt like. You went back to the finals last season and won, still knowing what that feels like. I was just wondering how its going to feel if you go back a third time and lose again."

"Well I guess it would be disappointing to go all that way and lose again, but I guess it makes that first one bittersweet because I did win it the year before." Sidney looked at her when she looked down to get a bite of food "and I'm not mad you asked that. It does need to be somewhere in the back of my mind. It'll be hard to go back a third time."

"All eyes will be on you to compare you to last year. I guess I asked this early before the season starts because I didn't want to upset the balance when the playoffs start in 8 months."

"I know baby" he said smiling at her only to get one back. They finished with their dinner and shared a dessert before heading out to get as far as they could before stopping for the night.

The next day, they got up early to start driving home. Karen had stayed in New York and Sidney saw the highway sign to take them to Pennsylvania so they could head South to Pittsburgh.

"Do you think we don't have a shot this year to repeat?" Sidney asked out of the blue.

"I didn't mean it that way stud. I know you guys have the talent and strength to repeat, not to mention the determination but there has to be some realization that not only going back to the finals but repeating as the Stanley Cup champions is tough."

"Teams have done it before baby."

"I know but ask any of them and see what they tell you. I remember back in '92 when even Mario wasn't sure if they'd get back there."

"Yeah maybe."

"Look" she said turning in her seat to really look at him "I have all the faith and support that you are going back this year but you know I'm not one to sugar coat what you want to hear."

"I know and I love that you give me that 'no shit' reponse when I'm feeling insecure about the game."

"The only way I can compare it is to the USA/Canada rivarly."

"Why would you bring that up?"

"Because it's the only way to get you to understand. There has been a rivarly not only in the Olympics but at Nationals and Junior level. The final game always comes down between those two teams. Has USA won them all?"


"Has Canada?"

"No and I get what your saying. We could make the finals every season and its not a guarantee that we'll win it every year."

"You know, teams like Edmonton was a force back then with Gretz, Messier, Coffey...the list goes on. They won a lot but if you go back into their seasons, how many of them were great enough to maybe get them into the playoffs."

"Like us last year." Sidney glance over and saw her look "you didn't think we were going to make huh?"

"Did you guys think you would in February?"

"No we didn't. In a way we were glad to have Bylsma come in. We figured if we finished strong and not made the playoffs we could just get ready for this year."

"But I think a fresh new coach and a better determination pushed that thought out of your heads. Now you guys know what Dan expects and can build bigger onto that for this year."

"I love our little talks baby."

"Yeah cause without them what would we have to do in this relationship."

"Well, the sex can always fill any and every void."

Karen just busted out laughing "I think it already does stud." Sidney leaned over in his seat and Karen did the same, letting their lips meet for a quick kiss.

After about 5 hours of driving and stopping for food, Sidney pulled into the driveway and they got out, grabbing a few things before heading inside. As soon as Karen stepped inside and saw the boxes a wave of sadness hit her, stopping her in the middle of the hallway.

"Baby, it's going to be alright" Sidney said putting the bags down then wrapping his arms around her.

"I know but for the past month, I've forgotten about it."

"Maybe that's a good sign."

Karen looked around "maybe" she said in a voice above a whisper that Sidney could tell tears were present.

Sidney lead her into the living room and to the couch. He sat her down on it and he sat on the coffee table in front of her "do you know why I want us to move?"

"So you wouldn't have to live somewhere that wasn't yours?"

"No, someplace that was OURS. Someplace that neither of us have lived in. It doesn't matter who bought it, we can start a brand new life in a house that will offer so many new adventures of us. I know its going to be hard baby, but everything is coming with you to keep those memories alive for you with your parents. I only did this to make you happy."

"I know and I am happy about the new house even if you can't always see it. They've been gone for so long and it scares me that there are times I am beginning to forget them."

"You'll never forget them baby" he said caressing her cheek "they'll always be in your heart. But I do have one surprise for you."


"One room in the new house will be just for your memories of your mom and dad."

"What?" she said in disbelief.

"When I picked out the rooms to make one for my hockey stuff and of course the one guest room strictly for my parents, I saw one that you could put pictures up and house all your parent's things you can't throw away. Then when you start to miss them, you could go sit in there, look through all the scrapbooks and keep their memories alive even longer."

"You really thought about that for me?"

"Cause I know you would just put all the boxes away and this way its all out the way it should be."

"Thank you. That will make it a lot better for me. Um, the one for your parents is on the other side of the house, isn't it?"

"Yes it is baby" Sidney said laughing knowing fully what she meant "I don't think we would want it any other way." Sidney leaned in and kissed her, letting it linger a little longer "I'm going to go head over to Dana's and see where they're at so we can get the moving truck set up."

"Ok. I still have a few things to still get boxed up in the guest room off the kitchen, so I may get to that."

"I'll see you in a little while?" he said pulling her closer to him.

"I have no where else to go" she said kissing him again "besides, a lot of the players aren't back in town yet."

"Ha ha baby. I love you."

"I love you too." Sidney let her go and went to leave. Karen decided to leave the boxes in her car for now and went to get the rest of the guest room boxed up.

A couple hours later, Sidney returned and Karen had pretty much everything done with the exception of their bedroom, which wouldn't be too hard to do with all the clothes and furniture in there. Karen saw him come in with a pizza box and loved that since she was too tired to cook or go out.

"Thought you would enjoy this."

"Mmm, yes. I didn't want to cook or go anywhere so you read my mind Crosby."

"Maybe I can get into your head and read what you want later."

"I'm sure you will know exactly what I'm thinking." Karen opened the box of pizza as Sidney went to get a couple beers from the fridge and some napkins. He came back and they ate, talking about what was left to do. "So how long until Dana and his family are out of the house?"

"Well, that's the thing baby."

"Oh god, don't tell me they're not even packed yet" she said worried.

"Actually, the opposite" he said getting a confused look from Karen "they are already out."


"Ok, right beside you, don't have to yell."

"Sorry. They're already out?"

"Yeah. I called him and he met me there. When I went inside, there was nothing but empty space. We can move in anytime now."

"Wow, I thought we would not be in until after Labor Day."

"I know, me too but we can start taking some small stuff over the next couple days and then all the big stuff with the moving truck."

"There's one thing we need to do before we leave here?" she said.

"Baby, we've already had sex in every inch of this place."

"Not what I meant you sex fiend" she told him getting him to just laugh "we need to get the guys and all my girls over for one last party."

"I think that is a great idea. I'll see when everyone is getting back and we can plan it then."

"Have to leave the house in style."

"That we will baby, that we will" he said kissing her before breaking apart to finish their pizza.


Chapter 181

Over the next couple of days, Sidney got some things packed up into boxes that he wanted to take to put in the new house. Karen had stood back and watched him load her car smiling. When he asked what she was smiling at she just told him she was happy to head home. In reality, Karen was happy he was bringing more of his stuff to really make it their house. They were heading over to his parent's house a little later for a cookout and to basically end their summer in Nova Scotia.

When they were at his parent's house, Karen saw it was more than just Trina, Troy and Taylor. They had invited both of Sidney's grandmothers and Taylor had a couple friends over. Karen went to help Trina as Sidney went to help his dad with the grill after saying hello to his grandmothers.

"Sid, I want to apologize if when you told me about wanting to adopt came off wrong when we talked in Calgary."

"Dad, don't worry about it. I know it came as a shock to you."

"I had time to think about it and of course your mother did her own way of persuasion but if this is what you want, I am all for it."


"I think I need to loosen the strings a little and let you do more on your own."

Sidney just laughed to himself because of what Karen told him "thanks dad, but I will still need you for a lot of things."

"I know you will son, but when you get determined I know you have a great head on your shoulders to keep you from doing anything stupid."

"Well don't forget that beautiful woman over there" he said pointing to Karen talking to Trina "she'll make sure I go the right way."

"As my last piece of advice to you son, just be happy."

"Karen does that dad."

"After all this time, I do see that and she really is good for you. If the next step is to have a baby, then I will welcome whatever grandchild you bring into this family."

"Thanks dad" Sidney said hugging him. They let go of each other and finished cooking the chicken and steaks on the grill.

When all the food was done, the family sat down to eat and just talked about anything and everything. Nobody really brought up the adoption for wanting to see what was going to happen before getting everyone's hopes up. After eating, they sat around for a little while longer until Sidney told everyone they still had a few more things to pack before leaving in the morning. They told everyone goodbye and Trina pulled Karen aside before she left the house.

"I wanted to give you this dear" she said handing her some booklets.

"What is it?"

"Just some reading material to the drive home."

Karen glanced through one of the booklets and saw they were from the few adoption agencies around Cole Harbour and Halifax "you didn't need to get all these right now mom."

"I figured if you two were still going to be talking about it, this could help decide some things."

"Thank you" she said hugging her "I really appreciate your help."

"If it gets me a grandchild, I will be more than happy to help." They hugged again and then Karen walked to the car, only to be stopped by Troy.

"Karen, if I could have a minute."

"Sure. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to tell you that I will be nothing but supportive about you and Sid adopting a baby."

"Really? Even if it's now and not a couple years down the road?"

"I've realized my son's personal life is not going to hinder his hockey career. He accomplished so much at such a young age, he needed you to complete the circle. I know I've been hard-headed and I do apologize for everything. I can't wait to come down and see the new house and welcome a grandson into the family."

"I appreciate that Troy and I have to say, like father like son."

"What do you mean?"

"I think if it really comes down to it, Sid wants a son to follow in his footsteps. And I see where he gets it."

"You know a granddaughter would be fine too" he said smiling.

"Well maybe we'll get one of each, you never know."

"I know that you love my son and he loves you just as much. Like I said, I'm sorry for taking so long to realize it."

"Stop apologizing dad" she said making him smile "he got it all from you guys." They hugged and Sidney came over to get Karen and told his family goodbye one last time as they got into the car to leave and head home.

"That was nice" Karen said as they were walking into the house about 20 minutes later.

"Yes it was" Sidney said wrapping his arms around her body "but I do have another surprise for you."

"Really? What is it?"

"What did I promise we would do on our last night here?" Karen just looked at him and raised her eyebrows "give me a few minutes and then I will come get you."


"But you have to promise to stay away from the kitchen so you don't peek."

"I promise, I want to be surprised."

"Ok, I will come get you when I'm done" he said kissing her and went to the kitchen then outside.

Karen went into the living room and sat down looking at one of the booklets a little better. It gave information about the agency and a list of children from infants to older ones waiting to be adopted. It broke her heart to see all these beautiful faces without homes and families to care for them. She thought and wondered if they might want an older child first then adopt an infant later on. That way if Sidney wanted a little protege he wouldn't have to wait so long. Karen put the one book down and grabbed another one, but put it down when she heard Sidney come in. She didn't want him to see the booklets until they could sit and talk about it. When he got to the doorway of the living room, the look in his eyes told her he wasn't in the talking mood.

"Is my surprise ready?"

"Yes it is but we need to do this first" he said holding up a blindfold. Karen just laughed but walked over to him so he could put it on her.

"Hmm, first time for this."

"Well we might have to take it with us and use it often at home."

"I'd like that, only if you'd wear it too."

"Of course" he whispered in her ear before leading her outside. He got her to the patio and told her to stand there while he turned off the lights in the kitchen. Sidney came back over to her and took off the blindfold, hearing Karen gasp as she saw what was in front of her.

"Oh wow. It's beautiful Sid." Karen looked around and saw the tiki torches lit around the grass and a blanket with a couple of pillows in the middle. She heard soft music playing and saw the radio near the blanket. She just looked at Sidney who took her hand in his and led her over there. "Won't people be able to see us with the torches blazin?"

"Well, maybe they could use a peep show before we come back in a year."

"Dance with me?" Karen asked hearing a good song come on.

"Only with you." Sidney stepped up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Karen put hers around his body and held onto his back, looking deep into each other's eyes. "I don't think this summer could have been any more perfect."

"It was nice and I hope I get to join you for many more here."

"Why, don't you think you will?"

"I will, just not for a whole month."

"If I have anything to say about it, you will."

"I love it when you get all macho on me."

"Now if you want some machoness, I will be happy to oblige."

"Well, I'm not stopping ya. Give me your best shot stud." Sidney leaned in and kissed her with a soft kiss. Their lips gingerly sucked on each others, making them red and slightly swollen. Sidney lightly brushed his tongue across her lips, like he was asking for permission. The kiss deepened and they each could feel their body temperature rise. Karen could feel Sidney start to pull off her shirt and broke the kiss taking a small step back.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not usually this modest..."

"Tell me something I don't know" Sidney said interrupting her only to be smacked on the stomach.

"But there's something about undressing each other out here. I just feel like we could have eyes on us."

"How about this...why don't we go in and grab the suits we were leaving here and go for a little late night swim. That way, when we're done playing in the water and come up here to dry off, we don't have much to take off under the blanket."

"We don't need to do that" she said taking off her shirt revealing her sports bra. Karen then took off her shorts to show her high cut bikini underwear "this could look like a bathing suit."

"I love the way you reconsider things." Sidney took off his shirt and shorts, standing there in his boxer briefs to Karen's amusement "what, this could be a bathing suit too." They smiled at each other before walking hand in hand to the pier and both jumped into the water. They swam around for a little bit, splashing at each other and chasing one another until each was caught by the other. As they treaded in the water and held each other, their lips found the other's to restart what happened in the grass.

"Can I ask you something?" Karen started breaking the kiss.

"Ask me anything."

"What are your feelings about adopting a slightly older child first?" she asked since it was still on her mind. "I was going to wait and we can talk about it on the way home, but the thought is still brewing around in my head."

"How much older?"

"Maybe 5 or 6. You could have your little protege if you wanted one and then maybe after a couple months we could then add an infant then."

"I don't know, the whole thought of getting a baby and raising it thrills me. An older child would be nice from what you said but I'm leaving it up to them if they want to play. Why?"

"I just know there are older children that have been in foster care awaiting adoption for years and I guess we could help one of them first."

"Well you know, it does take six to make a hockey team."

"I know, but how about we keep that six to you and 5 of your teammates for right now."

"Why are you bringing this up now?"

"Your mom went to a couple agencies around here and gave me some booklets from each one. They have pictures of infants and older children and the thought just crossed my mind about it since I was looking at the booklets waiting for you."

"So you want to adopt a baby from here?"

"Here or in Pittsburgh doesn't matter to me. I was going to leave that choice up to you."

"How about we both make that choice. Just because I'm Canadian doesn't mean my first or any of my children have to be."

"I have a feeling that might change."

Sidney smiled "maybe it will, you never know." He looked deep into her eyes "this is really going to happen for us, huh?"

"I want it to. I see how much the children touch your heart when you stop to give them an autograph or when you guys do charity events with them. I know it disappointed you when you found out I couldn't give you one of your own."

"I wasn't disappointed baby."

"Yes you were Sid. I was even disappointed knowing it was something I couldn't give you."

"We'll figure all this out Karen and we will have our family one way or another." Sidney brought her closer to meet her lips for a long slow passionate kiss.

"Mmm, I love how you can change the subject without really trying."

"Let's just say, you talking about wanting to be the mother of my future children is a turn on."

Karen could feel Sidney start to become hard and got out of his grip "how about we take this out of the water?"

"I couldn't agree more baby" he said letting go so they could swim to the pier. Sidney jumped out and reached down to help Karen out, pulling her directly into his arms."

"Well Mr. Crosby, I believe you're happy to see me."

"And you know exactly how much Mrs. Crosby." Sidney took her hand, leading her back up to the blanket on the grass. Karen laid down, having Sidney lay beside her and grabbed the top cover to pull over them. They turned towards each other and started kissing while taking off their wet underwear. When they were completely naked, Sidney pulled her leg over his to get his body as close to her as possible. He maneuvered his way inside of Karen and laid still for a moment, bringing his hand up to her cheek "just know how much I love you."

Karen felt his words throughout her body "I will always know how much because I love you that much too." She leaned in and kissed him as Sidney rolled her over onto her back. Karen got comfortable with wrapping her legs around Sidney's hips as he began to move inside her. He started out slow and steady, making it last a little longer. Karen put her head back into the pillow, bringing her neck in full view for Sidney to attach his lips on his spot. She loved when he would suck on her neck, making nipping marks. It sent chills down her spine. She moved her hands up and down his back, stopping to dig her fingernails into his skin everytime a wave of pleasure hit her. Sidney picked up the pace and went deeper with every thrust. Karen bit her lip to stifle the moans that wanted to come out but that didn't stop her from speaking out. "Oh God Sid, don't stop."

"Never baby" he said through his heavy breathing "come for me."

Karen reached down and grabbed his ass, helping to push him into her "harder Sid, pound your cock into me" she moaned out.

Sidney loved when she told him how she wanted to be fucked and he always did what he was told. He sat up on his hands to give him the leverage to help him go deeper and harder. Karen's hands left his ass and gripped his biceps as her orgasm began to make itself noticed. Sidney felt the tightness begin to grip his cock and knew he couldn't hold on anymore. A few more hard poundings and Sidney drew out Karen's orgasm which brought out his own, spilling all he had inside her.

"Oh God baby" he said leaning his forehead to hers "everytime is like the first time with you. I love how you bring out the best in me."

Karen smiled and then kissed him "I can only bring out your best when you make me feel this way. You pour your heart and soul into every thrust you pound inside me." Sidney leaned in and kissed her again making Karen feel the tingling heat in her core again. She felt him start to move around as he was still inside of her. Karen couldn't take anymore and managed to roll them over onto his back.

As she sat up, the cover came off her body exposing her breasts to the night air "baby, someone could be watching."

Karen started to ride him, placing her hands on his chest "I don't care. I need you so much."

"Then ride me baby...ride me like this is our last time together."

Karen stayed leaning over him so she could now have the leverage over him. She would come up high enough to almost make him come out of her but then would slam back down on him hard. Karen kept up that pace and heard the moans escape from Sidney's lips. When Karen felt her second orgasm travelling through her body, she let go of his pecks and leaned back making sure his cock was grazing her g-spot bringing her over the edge and moaning out for him. Sidney grabbed her hips and bucked his own hips up into her as he came hard. Karen grabbed his hands with hers as she milked out every last drop from him, collapsing down onto top of him exhausted from their adventure. When she could move, Karen rolled off him and curled up beside him, their sweat mixing together.

"I think being out here where someone could be watching just upped the ante with our lovemaking" she told him still trying to catch her breath.

"I know, it just tells me how much of a freak you really are baby."

"I'm the freak?" she said sitting up to look at him.

"Who wanted to have sex out here for HER last night here?"

"You could have said no stud, so that makes you as much as a freak as me."

"You know I will try any and every adventure with you baby."

"Well look at the benefits you reap from it" she said laughing. "Is it possible to stay out here all night and let the sunrise wake us?"

"I don't think I want to move anyway" he said as they cuddled up into each other more.

As the night went away and the sun made its appearance, Karen woke up and looked around, remembering where she was. She smiled and saw the sun begin to peak over the trees.

"Sid, wake up" she said gently shaking him.

"What is it baby. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, it's time to get up."

Sidney sat up and rubbed his eyes like a little boy "baby, it's still a little dark out" he said looking around.

"Just watch" she said pointing to the trees. Sidney got up to Karen's confusing look and he brought her up too. He grabbed the cover and wrapped it around them as he stood behind her and watched the sun appear over the trees. "That is a beautiful sight to see."

"I know, thank you for waking me to enjoy it with you." After the sun was a little higher up, Sidney kissed her head "you ready to leave this place?"

"I'm heading home with you to officially start our married life....hell yeah I'm ready to go." Karen turned around in his arms and kissed him "you ready to leave?"

"I'm ready to get settled and start training camp. Get to start defending our Cup."

"That's all you're looking forward to?"

"And of course my life with you in our new house as husband and wife."

"That's better stud." They stood there kissing for another few minutes before they broke apart. Sidney let her have the one blanket and he grabbed the other off the ground. They got their clothes and headed inside to get a shower and ready to head out.

An hour later, Sidney called his parents to let them know they were leaving and told them he would see them in Pittsburgh for the home opener. They had made arrangements to come down since they would be raising the banner at Mellon and to see the new house then. As they started out, Karen saw a Tim Horton's as they were nearing the border.

"Studly, can we stop at Tim's before we leave Canada so I can stock up on some coffee?"

"Sure thing baby. Besides a few doughnuts sounds good right about now" he said pulling into the parking lot. They both got out and walked in.

"Yeah, stock up now because after training camp starts, you will be giving these up until the season starts and you can really work them off" she said looking at all the different ones he ordered.

"Baby, they are not all for me and we can take the rest with us to munch on as we drive."

"Nice ploy there" she said smiling at him. They got their doughnuts and Karen grabbed 3 bags of coffee. Since Sidney knew she drank this more than anything, he was drinking more and more and they were running out more often. They stayed and ate a couple doughnuts there and Sidney signed a few autographs before they hit the road again.

Sidney pulled up to the boarder and got everything ok'd. The guard wished him luck for the new season and they were soon out of Canada and back in the states. Karen saw he was quiet and rubbed his shoulder.

"Thanks baby."

"Its like leaving home for the first time huh?"

"Yeah it is. Makes me a momma's boy I suppose."

'"You are far from a momma's boy. You just love your family and miss all of them. Trust me stud, its very understandable. I cried everytime I left mom and dad after being with them for more than a week. It shows how much you love your family."

"I cried when I left you in June."

"You did?"

"Yeah, after we left each other at the airport and we text each other one last time while I was at the gate, a couple tears fell when I thought about being away from you. I laughed knowing you'd would have loved to see it."

Karen brought her hand from his shoulder and traced his jaw line with her finger "I knew you probably did. Telling me just verifies how much we love each other."

Sidney grabbed her hand and kissed a spot on the inside of her wrist "forever and always." They smiled at each other and continued on the journey back to Pittsburgh.


Chapter 180

Before long, it was the end of the week and Sidney was on his way home. He had a great training camp and left with a feeling that he would be on the 2010 Olympic team for Canada. The flight landed and they headed to the car.

"I just want you to know how proud I am of you Sid" Troy started "I know it stung when you weren't invited to camp for 2006 but this is it."

"I feel confident that I'm making the team dad, I just don't want to jump into all my emotions and be too overly confident."

"They'd be a fool not to pick you son."

"Thanks dad." Sidney thought about mentioning to him about cutting back but he just couldn't do it. He was the one that sacrificed everything for him when he was little and he didn't want to hurt his feelings.

His dad drove him to his house and they made plans for a cookout the day before him and Karen were to leave. Since Karen drove up, they would leave a couple days earlier to take the nice drive back to Pittsburgh. He grabbed his bag and headed inside the house. Sidney dropped his bag by the stairs and yelled out for Karen. When she didn't answer, he went searching for her. His instincts told him to go out back first since it was a beautiful day and low and behold, his eyes landed on Karen laying out in the grass. Sidney ran upstairs and got his suit on before going out to join her.

Karen was lying on the blanket with her eyes closed and the radio on. She was singing to the song that was on and Sidney could hear her sweet sounds before he got near her. He smiled at how beautiful her voice was and she never tried to out sing the song but in perfect harmony with it. As Sidney was now standing directly behind her, he listened to the lyrics she was singing.

What about now?
What about today?
What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love, it never went away?
What if it's lost behind words we could never find?
Baby, before it's too late, what about now?

Now that we're here, now that we've come this far
Just hold on
There is nothing to fear, for I am right beside you
For all my life, I am yours

"I hope so baby" Sidney said startling Karen and making her jump up.

"Hey, when did you get in?" she said standing up and hugging him.

"Just a few minutes ago. Went up to change first so I could join you. So, who are we listening to?"

"Daughtry. I love his songs and his voice, the man could sing me the phone book and I would swoon."

"Really? Gettin ya turned on there?"

"Maybe, but I don't think its the music."

"Then what is it?" he said leaning in to kiss her.

"Having my husband home."

"Good call baby" he kissed her again making it last a little longer than normal. "You have some nice color there" Sidney raised his hand and lightly grazed her shoulder.

"Why do I think my tanning session is over?"

"Because it is...at least for the next 20 or 30 minutes."

"Do we have to go inside?" Karen said with a smirk.

Sidney looked around and heard a couple boats and a lot of people screaming around "I think it would be safer."

Karen heard the voices and smiled "as adventurous as we are, that might be a good idea for today."

"Don't worry baby, before we leave I promise one last rendevous out here."

"As long as you make it a good one."

"Have I ever disappointed you yet?" Karen looked to the sky and put her finger on her chin "don't think too hard about it there baby."

"You have never disappointed me Sid."

"And I am not about to start" he said picking her up and carrying her inside.

"Ok, I have a question."

"Now? You have a question now?" he said putting her down.

"Yes, I have a question."

"Alright, what's your question."

"Well, it's just we've been everywhere in the house. Nothing is a surprise anymore."

"And your question is?"

"Where can we go that is new to us?"

Sidney stood there for a second "we could go...." he walked out of the kitchen with Karen behind him "....no. Maybe....no." Karen stood behind him trying not to laugh "how about....no. Damn baby, you're right. We've been everywhere."

"Told you. I'm thinking its a good thing we're moving into a new house soon....lots of new places there."

"Well, it may not be new, but at least I can still surprise you" Sidney said turning around to face her. Before Karen could respond to anything, Sidney untied her bikini bottoms and took off his shorts tossing them both to the side. He picked her up and pretty much slammed her up against the wall hard, but not enough to hurt her. Karen wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened her muscles to keep her there as they were kissing. Sidney broke the kiss as he grabbed his cock and entered her, watching the expression on her face. With Karen holding on with her legs, Sidney let go of her and put his hands on the wall by her head, letting his body take full control. Karen couldn't get enough of this side of him and hoped it never stopped. She would whimper out for him to go faster and harder which he did. Sidney couldn't hold on much longer and stopped, pulling out of Karen and helping her down. He turned her to face the wall and re-entered her from behind. Sidney reached around to cup her mound and rubbed hard on her clit to bring her orgasm out to match his. When he was done, Sidney wrapped his arms around her body and held her tight to his body.

"Well I guess this means you missed me" she said laughing between breaths.

"Don't know what gave you that idea" he said kissing her shoulder.

Karen got out of his grip to turn around to face him "its ok to admit it stud cause I really missed you" she said caressing his cheek.

"It should be already understood how much I miss you when we're not together."

"Trust me, it is." Karen looked directly into his eyes before bringing his lips down to hers. "Can I go back out to finish tanning?" she asked with pleading eyes.

"Only if I can join you."

"Can you keep your hands to yourself?"

"I can try but I'm not promising anything."

"Fair enough stud" she said kissing him and went to get her bikini bottoms to put back on as Sidney grabbed his shorts and out them on. He reached in the fridge and grabbed two bottles of water and followed her back outside. Karen got comfortable and Sidney laid down beside her. "So how did training camp go?"

"It went great. It was good to see Flower and Staalsy."

"Did ya'll compare Cup stories?"

"That and more."

"What do you mean more?" she asked looking at him.

"Well we told each other what we did with the Cup."

"In the community or with your women?"

"Baby" he said sitting up on his elbows "I am surprised that you would ask that."

"What would the surprise be? That you talked about it now and not waited until everyone got back together to compare sex with the Cup stories in the locker room."

"You really think I would do that?" Karen just stared at him and smiled "Ok, maybe we mentioned some things along the lines of it."

"Not like it's nothing new. You celebrate with the Cup with the team, with friends and family, and then some alone time with your wife or girlfriend. You don't know if you're ever going to win it again, so you pull out all the stops when you get it."

"Damn, maybe I should have washed it the day I got it" he said to get Karen laughing.

"I'm sure Phil is well aware what is done to and with that Cup to really clean it before handing it off." Karen turned back into the sun before turning back to Sidney "so what did Flower and Vero do with it?"


"What? Marc seems so shy and innocent, he has to have a freaky side especially having the Cup for a day."

"How about when we get back, you can talk to Vero and let her tell you."

"Aww, is Sidney bashful when it comes to talking about sex and his friends" she said turning on her side and tickling him. Sidney got back at her and began to tickle her until they were facing each other and holding on tight.

"I'm not one to kiss and tell and I am definitely not one to tell other people's sex stories."

"I would love to join you in that sentiment."

"I know baby, I've met your friends" he said to Karen's amusement.

"Of course after walking in on Max and Natalie, I don't think I really want to know about anyone else" she said as they laid there smiling at each other.

"Are you happy?" Sidney asked seriously.

"Where did that come from?"

"Are you?"

"Yes, I'm happy."

"With me?"

"Sid, you're scaring me. Yes with you, why are you asking me this?"

"I just got to thinking while I was in Calgary and wondered if all these changes that are going to be happening, if it's really what you want."

"Who have you been talking to? Are you having doubts?"

"I pulled Eric Staal aside and asked him some things."

"Like having a new baby in the family?"

"You've said you want to start a family and I want nothing more than to have one with you. I just asked about it and if it would really change everything."

"A baby changes a lot but it doesn't have to. Your not going to be doing this all on your own Sid, I will be there too."

"I know but you know how superstitious I am."

Karen started laughing "what's that got to do with anything?"

"I don't know maybe I'm afraid it'll upset the routine."

"Um, didn't we incorporate sex before a game on some days?"

"Yeah, your point being?"

"My point is, unless you've been having sex since you've been playing in school, I don't think having a baby join us for a pre-game nap or dinner will harm anything."

"I guess you're right."

"Besides, I have to have our son or daughter watch you and tell them that's not sane behavior of a normal person."

"Why must you ruin the game?" he told her as she started to get up but Sidney's grip just got tighter to keep her there. "I'm glad you were able to spend this month with me."

"Me too. Kind of has me worried to what I'm going back to with the way I left it."

"You know if anything happens..."

"I have a very rich and successful stud waiting in the wings to take care of me."

"Hmm, anyone I know?"

"I think you do" Karen said getting out of his grip and standing up "his name is Geno." She saw the look on Sidney's face and she took off running towards the pier with Sidney close behind her. Karen dove in and Sidney went in after her, catching her as they surfaced.

"I can't believe you said that."

"Yes you can studly. I kind of like having you as my husband and sauve Russian at my beck and call."

"You did meet Oksana during the parade right?"

"Like that stops any of us. Nat and I could trade you and Max if we wanted for one night."

"I really don't like this game anymore" he said trying to swim away but this time Karen wouldn't let him go.

"Oh stop pouting. I wouldn't want any other females in the free world to play with my man."

"I like it when you get all territorial."

"Really? Does that mean you'll tattoo my name somewhere on this ever so sexy body?"

"We'll discuss it later" he said seeing Karen raise her eyebrows "much, much later." Their lips met for a searing kiss before continuing to play around in the water for a while.